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Illustrated White Cats


078 880 88 80




Limmatquai 32
8001 Zurich


Mon: closed
Tue - Fri: 10 a.m. - 6.30 p.m., Sat: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m


Because fashion is fleeting - but style remains.

Individuality instead of mainstream

We are the smallest optician's shop in Switzerland, in the most prominent location in the city of Zurich, directly under the Grossmünster.

Under traditional brands, you are often sold junk today, which was pre-produced overseas and then only branded with the brand. So you pay the name and not the quality of the product. FÖCK.COM is strikingly different and that is why we have the Realshizzle, in terms of optics.
The glasses we sell are real vintage and not repro stuff. They come from a time, in which a different quality standard was maintained and lived. Also the design was unique in many ways and is still often copied today.
Each vintage glasses stands with its typical style for an era and is authentic. Choose your frames from a huge stock of unworn vintage glasses (50s to the 90s). We can also customize each frame with the lenses of your choice, whether yellow, pink, green or brown, plain or gradient, with or without correction - the main thing is that they will be unique!


You can only see whether you are right with your choice of glasses when the object of your desire adorns your face - so come and try on the different models that are waiting for you in the FÖCK.SHOP.
Here you can get a small taste of our
range in advance.

FÖCK. VINTAGEFRAMES is also under the star of FÖCK.COM and should help to carry the original idea of FÖCK to the outside world. altebrillen,ch, With us you will find old sunglasses, vintage frames, vintage sunglasses, new old stock nos glasses, old glasses, antique Glasses, Face Jewelry, Vintage Glasses, Swiss Glasses Opticians in Zurich

"Brillen sind eine Kultur, keine Notwendigkeit.

(by RB.)

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