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FÖCK.COM it is a belief.


The basic formula is to put a stop to the stoic consensus of our society. FÖCK.COMswims against the current and  is authentic.
FÖCK.COM encourages individualism rather than the mainstream. 

With the FÖCK.APP (←click me to get me), everyone should start to put aside the ideal image of self-portrayal that is aimed at recognition and is staged and exemplified in all social media. platforms. FÖCK.IT and be yourself. Because there is only one of you. Exactly the way you are and thatss a good thing.


FÖCK.ITmeans "I'm over it". Above societal expectations and norms. Above the defined ideals of beauty. Above what is considered normal. – Everyone should have the courage to stand up with pride and show who they really are. No matter whether big or small, whether with a beer belly, scars or a handicap.

The ideology is: "FÖCK.IT– whats your FÖCK?"

Example 1 Mobil.jpg
Example 4 Mobil.jpg

With the statement FÖCK.NO everyone should have the opportunity to draw attention to a grievance. From the banal everyday to the political everything is possible. According to the motto "SHARE YOUR FÖCK", everyone should make their statement. The main thing is to look instead of away! 

FÖCK.XXX insists that you question things critically and form your own opinion. Because many current topics are more complex than they seem.
If you also have the courage to speak your own mind and defend it, you develop social skills. This also includes the ability to accept other opinions.


FOCK. VINTAGE FRAMES is also standing under the star of FÖCK.COM and should help to convey the character of FÖCK to the outside world.Instead of repro mainstream glasses, which are only "branded" by big brands and are often only made of plastic, we sell original "vintage glasses" from the 50s to the 90s. Glasses of this quality are no longer manufactured today and bring the original design with them. 
Be authentic and real instead of being trendy. Because fashion is fleeting - but style remains.

Example 4 - Kopie.jpg

The capital to finance the FÖCK.COM project and all associated costs has so far been financed 100% through the sale of mobile phone numbers via

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